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Fudge History: An American Tradition
Welcome to Drummond Island Fudge History, Production, and About Us!

Over one hundred years ago fudge was accidently created. Rumor and fudge history depict its origin as a culinary mistake when making a recipe of caramels. When the mishap was realized - but surprisingly tasted out of this world, they named it (appropriately) "fudge".

Fudge began its debut as a chocolate flavored treat. It was rich, creamy, and an instant hit. Because of its popularity and high demand, fudge artisans like Michael Helfand, began to infuse a large array of flavors.
Fudge History and Production

Our Drummond Island Fudge History
What started out in 1988 as a bait shop with smoked fish "L&M Bait and Tackle", has evolved into the Drummond Island Fudge and Confectionery, Gourmet Galley International Marketplace and Delicatessen,  Port of Call Restaurant and Lounge, Island Flower & Garden Center, Espresso Bean Cafe, and more!

In 2007, we invented the Puddingstone Fudge.  Since its creation this original fudge has been a tremendous hit with customers of all ages. . Made with real cream, butter, sweet cherries, English walnuts, and more! This will be the best ROCK you will ever have tasted!!!

Now we produce more than 40 flavors of homemade fudge.  We also offer Fudge for Fundraisers and Corporate gift packages.  We are excited to be a part of America's Fudge History and look forward to many years to come

Fudge Production - An Exact Science
We continue to carry the American culinary tradition of using only the best ingredients, real cream and butter in the making of our Michigan's finest fudge. 

Along with using the best ingredients, we also use traditional old-fashioned kettle made techniques to create Michigan's Finest Fudge! The secret of our fudge is working the fudge into a creamy consistency by bringing it to an exact temperature, methodically working the fudge while it cools.   For us, fudge is not only our business, it’s our passion!

Fudge History Online

About Us
We have been serving the Drummond Island area for over 20 years. The Island is located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula where it is surrounded by the gentle waves of Lake Huron.  Drummond Island life is peaceful and fun.  Tourists and locals love to shop, dine, lounge, and visit with us.  We have everything you need for a great vacation - all under one roof!  We hope to see you on your travels!  

Melody and Michael Helfand 
"Fudge Artisans"

"I have always gone for quality food, going back to my boyhood day’s in the metro Detroit area, when I opted for offering fresh squeezed homemade lemonade, instead of Kool-Aid, at my neighborhood stand."
—Mike Helfand
Our Message
This business is a family owned business dedicated to God.  What began as a Bait & Tackle and Flower shop 20 years ago in the garage has grown beyond anything we could have ever imagined.

L&M Bait-Tackle & Sporting Goods, Island Flower Gift and Garden Center, 
Gourmet Galley International Marketplace and Delicatessen, Port of Call Restaurant, 
Espresso Bean Cafe, & Drummond Island Fudge and Confectionary

We attribute our growth and success to God and we marvel at what He has done in giving us wisdom to do what we need to do and the strength to do it, for His glory and honor.  "Everything comes from God alone.  Everything lives by His power and everything for His glory." (Romans 11:36)

We feel that this business is an "assignment" or a "Port of Call" from on high, and take great pleasure in serving you in this way.

We are here for you.  We love our patron's...pass it on...come back real soon!!!  God Bless You!!!

When visiting Drummond Island, make sure to stop by Drummond Island Fudge and Confectionery - both rich in taste and rich in history!!

Photo to right shows our 35ft Tug Boat "Islander" built in 1943 by Philo B Leonard in  from DeTour Village, Michigan. The history of the boat is truly amazing .  This boat is on display in front of our place of business and the PORT of CALL Restaurant.

Check out "Visit Drummond Island Page" for more great Drummond Island, Michigan information!

Great Fudge History
Drummond Island Tug Boat the Islander - story by Jill Brumwell

By Jill Lowe Brumwell

There are those that have a special feeling for boats.  Indeed they do seem to have their own personalities and their owners feel a personal, almost human like, closeness with them.  Perhaps it is because of the experiences shared between man, boat, and the sea. 

Maybe it is because of the gratitude one feels, when their craft has brought them through a harrowing situation and troubled times, like a human friend would.

Whatever the reason, there is an interest in boats, and preserving the old wooden ones built by skilled boat builders, is fascinating to many.  Just looking at them is interesting, what materials they were made from, their design and creativity, knowing they are one of a kind and another link to our past. 

Boat enthusiasts, and folks who like preserving interesting things and places, will appreciate that an old once seaworthy boat, built by legendary boat builder, Philo B. Leonard, will be safely moored for the rest of its days in front of the Gourmet Galley Marketplace and Delicatessen on Johnswood Road.  It is the sixty-four year old tug known as the ISLANDER.

Philo B. Leonard, born in 1890 on Harbor Island to boat builder George Herman Leonard and Adeline (Addie) Church, lived in the DeTour and Drummond area nearly all of his life.  He married Ellen LaSage from Sugar Island.  His grandfather was J.Wells Church, boat builder, physician and journalist of Harbor Island.  Philo, like his grandfather, built boats, which he designed and built from half models, from the tree to the final product.   He designed and built numerous fishing boats and was commissioned to design and build two different wooden car ferries for the DeTour-Drummond channel.  The first, The Drummond, carried 2-3 cars and was finished in 1922.  The second was built in 1933 and was in service as the ferry until 1947 under two names the WALLEN and the SAM C. TAYLOR.  It was the first ice-breaking ferry and the last wooden ferry.   

Leonard built the tug ISLANDER in 1943, in DeTour Village, on the shore where the Fog Cutter restaurant and bar are today.  Legend tells us he built 28 boats in DeTour and on Drummond Island, in his lifetime, utilizing local materials.  The tug ISLANDER was built for Harry D. Kendrick, who owned Maple Island.  Vern Konkle, longtime resident of DeTour Village, helped build it and captained it for many years as a general workboat.  Your author thanks him for providing valuable information. 

According to Konkle, the tug was 35 feet long with a 10-foot beam.  It was made out of white oak plank (2-inches thick), with fir decking, and the engine was a 65-horse Kermath.  The tug ISLANDER sported a small galley, sleeping quarters, head, and a ship-to-shore radio, which was a luxury in those early days.  Kendrick sold the tug in the 1950s and replaced it with a much different boat.  This boat wasn’t a tug, but it bore the same name “ISLANDER.”  It wasn’t made out of wood like the first ISLANDER, but was made out of steel.  Folks will be interested to know the steel ISLANDER has been owned by the Yacht Haven for many years and many a cruise and overnight have been enjoyed by that Bailey family.

Linton Schopp of DeTour owned the tug ISLANDER in the 1960s and sold it to James Sawtelle. He utilized her as a salvage boat in Leland and Charlevoix until 1959 when she was sold to a lawyer who eventually became the mayor of Charlevoix.  He donated the tug ISLANDER to the Sea Scouts who ran her aground at Beaver Island putting a hole in her hull.  She sank to deck level.  A man in Charlevoix purchased and raised the disabled tug, put her in a field there, intending to use her hull as a mold for fiberglass hulls.  Contact was lost until 3 years ago when she was located in a field at Goetzville.  Ricky Sawtelle then purchased her and brought her to Drummond Island. 

Many readers will remember seeing the deteriorated tug sitting by the Sawtelle home on the Town Line Rd.  Recently Mike and Melody Helfand became the new owners.  Plans are underway to make it into an eye-catching feature in front of their establishment, The Gourmet Galley.  It will be fun to watch the transformation, as the tug ISLANDER though land-bound, looks again like the proud ship she once was. 

Jill Lowe Brumwell has authored two books on Drummond Island:

• Drummond Island History, Folklore and Early People
• Growing Up on Drummond Island

Both of these fine books are available in our gift shop.

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